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Engineering Investigations creates blog space for engineers to describe how they cracked a baffling technical problem and talk about ingenious solutions they developed to solve it. It celebrates your achievements and inspires others to follow suit.
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Posted: 06:23:49 PM, 26/09/2012

How tough is Gorilla Glass?

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Most smart phones these days come fitted with Gorilla Glassa scratch resistant and toughened glass. But exactly how tough is it? Can you safely drop your device? What about all the shrapnel in my pocketswill they scratch or damage my beloved smart phone?

There still seems to be plenty of confusion out there as to just how safe a device is with just Gorilla Glass protecting the display. A simple search for whether or not you still need a screen protector with Gorilla Glass returns a variety of opinions. To help end some of the doubt Erica Griffin has made a video for XDA Developer TV.

In the video, Erica not only answers many of life's great Gorilla Glass questions, but she also spends some time describing the process used to manufacture the Gorilla Glass. Having done all that, she performs several tests to see what kind of materials will scratch the glass and how badly. There are also several attempts to crack the display of a Samsung Galaxy Note using, among other things, carpet, hard floor, concrete and, perhaps most spectacularly, under the wheels of a moving car!

It's interesting to see where the Gorilla Glass fares well and where it really doesn't; making it clearer to users where they may need extra protection for the display of their device.

Watch this video and see for yourselves.

- Paul Hunnisett
Paul is an Android developer and geek extraordinaire, with a passion for playing with both hardware and software, based out of Bristol in the UK. With his take-no-prisoners reviewing style, Paul's teardowns and biting analysis are a must read. Hackers, tinkerers and coders, Paul has your weekly fix.

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