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There is so much amazingly cool "stuff" to see and do that I'm amazed I find the time to get any real work done. In my blog I will waffle on about the books I'm reading, the projects I'm building, and the weird and wonderful websites I blunder across. Please Email Me if you see anything you think will "tickle my fancy."
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Posted: 04:21:09 PM, 06/02/2014

What do you think of this nixie tube project?

? ?

I was just perusing and pondering various projects in Kickstarter when I ran across an amazingly cool project that mixes two of my favourite thingsArduinos and Nixie Tubes.

What we have is a module containing an Arduino-compatible controller with a Nixie Tube on top:

In addition to being able to activate the digits inside the Nixie Tube, you can also control tri-state LEDs under the tube to generate amazing effects:


If you visit this project on Kickstarter, you'll be tempted with all sorts of cool project ideas.

Of course, seeing this triggered a cascade of thoughts in my brain, starting with my Nixie Tube wristwatch (which I acquired from David Forbes at Cathode Corner) and ending with my ongoing experiments to light antique vacuum tubes with tri-coloured LEDs.

At the time of this writing, Tyler Nehowig, the creator of this Kickstarter project, has already exceeded his rather modest $5,000 goal, and the project still has 14 days to run. You have to admit, the first image on Tyler's Kickstarter project page is rather beautiful. I must admit that I'm tempted, but I already have my hands full with my own projects. There are just so many cool things out there to play with, but so little time to play with them all. What say you?

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