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Welcome to Silicon Road! Through this blog, I will share my thoughts on some of the trends in the semiconductor industry as well as explore how the industry can leverage the evolving management concepts to catalyse its biz.
About me: Semiconductor professional, Entrepreneur ? Consultant, Trainer, Analyst and Industry Advocate.
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Posted: 03:18:39 PM, 05/05/2015

Further on IoT opportunities for semiconductor industry

? ?

Continuing from an earlier post on the above topic..


One of the perks of managing and chairing a session as well as moderating a panel discussion in it for SEMI, is that one gets to have a good marketing and PR coverage C company logo displayed on banners and show handouts, online marketing channels as well as listing under supporting partners, profiling etc. ?And of course, the complimentary access to all tracks and invited events.



SEMICON Southeast Asia was held in Penang (22-24th April 2015). The panel discussion in the Technology Innovation forum was my personal favourite. The panelists were quite candid in sharing their perspectives on how semiconductor vendors can leverage the trending wave of IoT as well as the challenges and value addition especially from the monetizing perspective. With panelists coming from across the various stake holders of the ecosystem (Intel and STMicroelectronics/IDM, Altera/Fabless, STATSChipPac (OSAT), ASM (Equipment supplier), Research Institute (SMART) and Market overview (IHS)), these perspectives were pretty well rounded. A very animated audience participation (over 90 participants) added to make this not only an insightful but also an enjoyable session.


SEMIs Market Trends Briefing is one of the tracks that I keenly look forward to in their annual Semicon show. This years session included great market insights from Dan Tracy/SEMI and Bill McClean/IC Insights. I especially liked a thought provoking one from Ganesh Ramamoorthy/Gartner who spoke about IoT driving product innovation in the semiconductor industry. He cited 4 main areas here: Contextual Analysis, Digital Market place, Intelligent sensors and Embedded hypervisors.


Some more information into the Contextual analysis (adding context to the data) as well as Intelligent sensors can be accessed from this article?( I found to be quite relevant and interesting.


Comments welcome, di solito!

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