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Posted: 08:21:01 PM, 09/07/2015

Solid state RF paves way for cooking revolution

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Typically, microwave ovens are known for being useful for warming things up rather than cooking food. In fact, even the traditional TV dinner either ends up with a cold centre or overcooked at the edges. Now imagine a microwave oven that can cook a whole meal heating the different parts at different rates and intensities so that vegetables, meat and pasta and rice are cooked exactly right but leaving the ice-cream ice cold!


Not only that, such an oven could be connected to the Internet or IoT, or read a smart RFID tag on a prepared dinner and know exactly how to cook the meal in a minimal amount of time.

Freescale Semiconductor recently introduced its vision for a radically innovative appliance concept that leverages solid-state radio frequency technology to revolutionize cooking. Developed in partnership with global product strategy and design firm frog, this breakthrough proof of concept will help enable fresh, chef-quality meals available at home with virtually no effort or prep time.

With the convenience of a microwave and quality of a traditional oven, this smart, connected RF cooking concept can control where, when and how much heating energy is directed into food C enabling more precise cooking for dramatically improved consistency, taste and nutrition. This fine-tuned heating capability helps prevent overcooking, which can destroy nutritional content, reduce moisture and waste energy. Solid state RF cooking technology can also enable appliance OEMs to create products capable of cooking multiple dishes and items at the same time within the same appliance, significantly simplifying meal preparation.

By precisely controlling the location, cycles, and levels of cooking energy, the appliance will bring food from a raw or frozen state to a cooked temperature rapidly and without intervention. With the addition of convection heating to enable browning and crisping, the oven concept can also support a wide array of cooking types and qualities, from searing to browning to baking to poaching.

Consumers worldwide are strapped for time but still want nutrient-rich, high quality meals at home, said Paul Hart, senior vice president and general manager for Freescales RF business. They will no longer need to choose between quality and convenience. Imagine not only having ready-to cook, gourmet meals delivered to your door, but achieving restaurant-quality results in mere minutes.

With the emerging IoT, the era of the smart homes and smart cooking is beginning to take shape. This breakthrough paves the way for a host of new business models and opportunities, including internet-driven home delivery of freshly prepared meals from a variety of sources including restaurants, grocery stores and farm-to-table cooperatives all quickly and easily cooked in the appliance. The concept also holds the broader potential of improving food supply chain efficiency by collecting and transmitting Big Data sets which can contribute to more efficient food distribution, targeted services and enhanced products.


Jean-Pierre Joosting


Label: IoT RF data
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