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Times People follows you, the engineers, without whom there would be no electronics industry. Our people inspire us to effect changes that touch not just engineers but all lives.
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Posted: 10:32:57 AM, 07/12/2012
George Heilmeier began his career at RCA's Sarnoff Research Center where he discovered that an applied voltage could change the color of dye-doped liquid crystals in the 1960s. Credited as the inventor of the LCD by the National Inventors Hall of Fame, Heilmeier had secured his place in electr......



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Posted: 04:38:11 PM, 29/11/2012
In true startup to hot stuff fashion, the Android operating system had to go through numerous hurdles before investors started paying attention, eventually establishing it as the fastest growing software platform that we know today. Creator Andy Rubin had just left his first job as a chief execut......



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