Singapore joins ten major cities recognised by Siemens as forerunners in urban sustainability.

"The C40 & Siemens City Climate Leadership Awards are dedicated to the idea that cities-by refusing to wait for action from national governments and international bodies-can lead the way in addressing the risks posed by climate change," said C40 Chair Michael R. Bloomberg.

? Bogota (Urban Transportation)
? Copenhagen (Carbon Measurement & Planning)
? Melbourne (Energy Efficient Built Environment)
? Mexico City (Air Quality)
? Munich (Green Energy)
? New York City (Adaptation & Resilience)
? Rio de Janeiro (Sustainable Communities)
? San Francisco (Waste Management)
? Singapore (Intelligent City Infrastructure)
? Tokyo (Finance & Economic Development)

Singapore's 'Intelligent Transport System' incorporates a range of technologies such as one of the worlds first Electronic Road Pricing Systems, real time traffic information delivered through GPS-enabled taxis, and a highly integrated public transportation system. These smart solutions allow Singapore to enjoy one of the lowest congestion rates of a city its size anywhere in the world.