? ? ? Smart Home is a relatively mature field. Based on the current market, the richness and stability of the products has been greatly improved, application experience has met the needs of people's home.?
? ? ? In this context, the same people living in order to provide the basis for real estate, and smart home will have an inevitable intersection. Provides humanities, natural science and technology, energy-saving and eco-environment, has become our common goal, but also the owners' expectations.?
? ? ? It's made ??from a smart home, up to now, has been developed for a long period of time. From 1984 when only United Technologies (United Technologies Building System) will be construction equipment information, the integration of concepts to CityPlaceBuilding United States Connecticut (Conneticut) Hartford City (Hartford), and it appears the first ridge "intelligent building", opened a worldwide scramble to build smart home prelude to the present, there are nearly 30-year history, until today, was gradually into people smart home vision into people's lives.
? ? ? Beginning of this century , the Chinese mainland real estate market reforms rapid warming in the new wave of real estate investment boom driven since 2000 . 2001 real estate investment 624.5 billion yuan , accounting for a total investment of 16.9% Social 3.6898 trillion yuan , real estate investment in 2004 increased to 1.448075 trillion yuan , accounting for a total investment of social 5.862028 trillion yuan of 24.7% ( first half of 2005 real estate investment 619.3 billion yuan , total investment 3.2895 trillion yuan , accounting for 18.8% ) .
? ? ???At the same time , the government also introduced a number of preferential policies to expect the real estate industry into a new pillar industries. Methods used include, for refund of personal income tax , reducing transaction deed to relax bank lending conditions , increase efforts to support the real estate industry and so on .
? ? ? ?In this context , prices began jumped quickly. This wave of price fluctuations in the most obvious example is China 's largest city Shanghai . In 2000, Shanghai 's housing price was 3,326 yuan per square meter , when in 2004 the average price had risen to 6,385 yuan , an increase of 92% . In 2001, only 4 percent of Shanghai 's residential price of more than 8,000 yuan / square meter , in 2003 this figure reached 16%. To the first quarter of 2005 , 40 % of the residential transaction price more than 8000 yuan / square meter , while the price of a larger multi- center has exceeded 16,000 yuan per square .
? ? ? ?From the smart home and real estate development process point of view , the two are not at a level of development. At least in our case. Smart home has been in a state of slow forward , my personal analysis, which is mainly due to the following:
One smart home technology issues
? ? ? ?Since the smart home is a systematic project , the technical requirements are relatively high , requiring to be absolutely stable , which caused a lot of problems , can not form a systematic, timely and systematic form , compared with the traditional home advantage is not obvious until the popularization of intelligent terminals , popularity of the Internet .
Second, the cost?
? ? ? ?Smart Home costs of hardware, maintenance , installation and other factors, the cost has been relatively high. Third, people's habit and so on. The real estate is relatively more macro , but people just need , coupled with the accelerated pace of urbanization in China , to accelerate the reform and opening to promote migration and other factors, the driving force is irresistible. Until the development of today 's situation.
? ? ? ?Today, the real estate has begun the transition from extensive to intensive , transition from mass to personalized. Real estate companies are gradually transition to a diversified real estate development from a single model, began to create personalized , ecological, industrial type of real estate projects. So, smart home also will be into the real estate field . Some of the more keen to join the real estate business began to smart home , smart home launched a model room , enhance the real estate technology content, increase real estate gold.
? ? ? ?From the point of view of cooperation projects , this choice is a trend, after all, smart home is no longer a luxury , not touching impossible. As the use of smart home selling real estate a lot , and their sales are also optimistic than other common properties . Smart home with domestic enterprises have high visibility cooperation with developers thereby expanding its own brand. Smart Home in China are often able to see certain online vendors with a well-known developer news, and success stories of cooperation, or certain properties with a certain well-known manufacturers of smart home products and other information.
? ? ? ?With the development of smart home , smart home will gradually complete their ecosystem , the formation of industrial chain, this chain will promote smart home become an industry , unlike real estate , but also different decoration, or building materials industry , smart home is gradually to improve products , affordable prices and convenient independent dispatched , simple and flexible user-friendly interface, saving individual needs , etc., appear in every household.