Pre-Production Period
- Support R&D department during product development process.
- Execution of verification and characterisation measuring.
- Assessment of verification and characterisation data.
- Support CIP for design and set-up of test hardware and software for device characterisation.
- Support CIP for design and implementation of test hardware and software for production test.
- Contribution to "Design for Testability" concepts.
- Take the lead of Safe Launch team.
- Direct reporting to RFA Headquarter Germany.
Production Period
- Take RFA responsibility for assigned products released to production.
- Data analysis of all relevant process data (Wafer Fabrication, Wafer Sort, Assembly, Final Test)
- Setting of target yields and tracking of deviations.
- Drive and support continuous improvement program in terms of yield improvement and cost reduction.
- Product health management.
- Identification of weak points in the production process.
- Request and follow up corrective actions in responsible departments.
- Starting, leading, supporting and assessment of internal quality procedures.
- Support all global acting operation departments on product related issues.
- Support marketing and quality organisation in all customer related requests (product specifications, complaints).
- Bachelors Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering, Electrical Engineering or equivalent Degree.
- Minimum of two (2) years of relevant experience in test and product engineering.
- Programming experience in C / C++, SQL, Oracle.
- Experience in test development.