Vietnam beats China for design work
Vietnam is becoming preferred over mainland China as a location for IC design, with STMicroelectronics proposing a design centre there last week. Renesas has had a Vietnam IC design centre since 2004.

According to Francois Guilbert, ST’s CEO for Asia-Pacific, the company’s Vietnam design centre will focus on satellite TV applications. One reason was this is to enable a local set-top-box industry, because these are currently imported from China.

Renesas intends to have 500 engineers at its Vietnam design centre next year.

“We were the first semiconductor company to establish an R&D centre in Vietnam so we had the luxury of having the pick of the best engineers,” said Satoru Ito, CEO of Renesas.

Ito explained that, initially it was thought that China was the place to set up a design centre. “I thought China would be the key area. Later it seems that China is not going to be a very cost-effective region, and I thought we needed another area which would be cost-effective for a longer time.”

In Renesas’ Vietnam design centre, the focus is on system-on-chip (SoC) design for the worldwide market. “A lot of engineering work is required, for instance in SoC,” said Ito.

STMicroelectronics said it intends to set up training courses for Vietnamese engineers.

STMicroelectronics Confirms Vietnam Location
Suzanne Deffree, Managing Editor, Electronic News
29 November 2007

STMicroelectronics has confirmed reports that it has opened an office in Hanoi, Vietnam.
The office officially opened on November 22, in the presence of Herve Novelli, Secretary of State for enterprises and trade, France, and Du Huu Hao, Deputy Minister of industry and trade, Vietnam, according to a representative for ST.
While the location is far from being ST’s largest office -- housing just four engineers, one administrator and a country manager -- it is further evidence of Vietnam’s growing presence in the global electronics market. Indeed, Vietnam, which entered the World Trade Organization (WTO) in January, has seen interest from some of the industry’s biggest players, including Intel, which has said it plans to invest more than a billion dollars there.
“ST has a long history of successful cooperation with companies that it partners with, including those in emerging markets. Our business model focuses on developing business opportunities directly with our partners without any intermediaries,” a representative for ST told Electronic News.
“We do not see this as just another opportunity to sell a few more microchips,” the representative continued. “We see this as an opportunity to build strategic partnerships with all the players in the entire local electronics industry ecosystem -- government, universities, system integrators, local entrepreneurs, manufacturers, etc.”
The representative said that ST will initially focus on segments such as smartcards, RFID, electronic-metering, lighting, automotive electronics, home appliances, digital set-top boxes in Vietnam.
Electronic News, a sister publication of EM Asia


Integrated Circuit Design Research & Education Center (ICDREC)
I. Establishment
Integrated Circuit Design Research & Education Center (ICDREC) established by Decision No. 42/2005/Q?/KCNPM on 08 August 2005 of the Director of Information Technology Park. ICDREC locates in Viet Nam National University – Information Technology Park (VNU-IT Park) at Linh Trung ward, Thu Duc district, HoChiMinh City.
II. Objective
ICDREC is the first center in Viet Nam which was established to promote IC industry aims at:
Training human resources for IC industry
Carry out transferring technology and outsourcing contracts
III. Research purpose
1. IC design in Vietnam
Vietnam has just started IC design industry recently. However in the last few years, there are some IC design company or related on IC company at Hochiminh, Hanoi and Danang city.
Renesas Corp ranks 7th in the world (2005) on semiconductor industry have invested in Vietnam. Renesas Vietnam is carrying out designing, testing. So, it has great demands on IC design human resource. Some of other foreign investment companies such as: SDS, Signet… are fabless companies. These companies carry out either outsourcing for foreign company or design and sell IP (intellectual property). Recently, Viet Vmicro Corp has been licensed to invest in Saigon Hi-Tech Park in order to set-up an IC factory. The factory is starting in 2008 as schedule.
2. Research direction
In the last few years, ICDREC’s engineer staff have approached IC field and get some achievements as the first step. The staff finished the first IC design training course at Hochiminh Technology University in 2005-2006 is remarkable event. They have divided their staff into two groups: digital and analog, which include both front-end and back-end; and their research works and articles will be known by national and international scientist.
The Front-end group
The group is carrying out many designs, simulation and checking operations on FPGA. Some of group’s members have instructed many theses of BSc, MSc. Besides, MSc. Nguyen Ngoc Mai Khanh and MSc. Bui Quoc Bao have been sent to Toshiba (Japan) in order to learn about SoC. They have participated in verification for Toshiba’s new WLAN design. They have gotten lots of useful experience such as HW/SW co-design and MeP core – one of very powerful Soft Core which Toshiba is using.
The back-end group
ICDREC has signed agreement on using Cadence and Synopsys software.

Vietnam Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.
Vietnam Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (VSMC) is a fabless company to produce Advanced Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMIC) by digital solutions, Analog Integrated circuits, Solar related  Integrated Circuits, Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits, Specialty Memory Integrated Circuits... Our IC products target the battery-operated portable electronic market, energy related IC market, industrial and consumer electronic market.
 VSMC is one of the first IC producer and services in Vietnam. VSMC has its own technologies to develop digitally controlled IC chips, Analog, mixed Signal and Specialty Memories Chips…
Our Market Strategy
Bring advanced power management digital controller chips to the portable media players, smart phones, video cameras, PDAs and MP3 players…
Use advanced technology to reduce time to market and cost for our customers products
The headquarter is located at Lot T2 – 4, D1 St., Saigon Hi-Tech
Park , HCMC, Vietnam.
The representative office is at 253 Dien Bien Phu St., Ward 07,
District 03, HCMC, Vietnam.
Vietnam Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (VSMC)
253 Dien Bien Phu St., Dist. 03, HCMC, Vietnam
To contact us:
Phone: +84 8 930 1835 or
+84 8 930 1836
Fax: +84 8 930 1838

Viet Vmicro Corp.
Viet Vmicro Corp. established in May 2006. The company's
mission is to build a 6" wafer fab located in Saigon Hi-Tech Park,
in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Our reserved 4 hecta of land in
Saigon Hi-Tech Park is now under construction. Our fab
s planned
to be completed in the middle of the year 2009. If it will be done
as scheduled, it will be the first wafer fab built in Vietnam.
Viet Vmicro Corp. designs, manufactures, and markets analog
intergrated circuits and solar cells.

At the moment we are working with Vietnam National University,
Ho Chi Minh city in research and development on designing
intergrated circuits and solar cells.

Our design team will design high margin analog products and
solar cells to fit the needs of China, Taiwan,HongKong, Vietnam,
ASIA, US and Europe.