Viet Vmicro Corp. established in May 2006. The company's
mission is to build a 6" wafer fab located in Saigon Hi-Tech Park,
in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Our reserved 4 hecta of land in
Saigon Hi-Tech Park is now under construction. Our fab
s planned
to be completed in the middle of the year 2009. If it will be done
as scheduled, it will be the first wafer fab built in Vietnam.
Viet Vmicro Corp. designs, manufactures, and markets analog
intergrated circuits and solar cells.

At the moment we are working with Vietnam National University,
Ho Chi Minh city in research and development on designing
intergrated circuits and solar cells.

Our design team will design high margin analog products and
solar cells to fit the needs of China, Taiwan,HongKong, Vietnam,
ASIA, US and Europe.