SiGlaz provides manufacturers of ICs, magnetic media and flat panel displays with intelligent software to increase productivity and yield. SiGlaz spatial signature analysis (SSA) software analyzes large volumes of data generated by in-line inspection and metrology tools to determine the root cause of manufacturing problems in seconds.


Intelligent Defect Analysis
SiGlaz’ Intelligent Defect Analysis (IDATM) software provides semiconductor fabs with an automatic excursion monitoring capability that integrates seamlessly into existing yield management architecture to provide immediate value-added functionality. IDA monitors inspection results files (KLARF) in production and automatically recognizes spatial defect signatures resulting from equipment failure and process excursions.
IDA is a Spatial Signature Analysis software, and it may be integrated into the fabrication process to identify concentrated defect signatures (e.g., scratches or micro-scratches) or to identify distributed defect signatures, such a those resulting from the failure of a process tool. The software integrates into the fab’s data base management and SPC system; it is compatible with advanced Microsoft .NET framework and XML format.
SiGlaz Software also provides engineering resources to customize the software for specific customer applications.

Defect Signature Analyzer - DSA™
Defect Signature Analyzer provides the yield engineer with a wide range of analysis and visualization tools with which to develop and optimize the defect signature analysis methodology and to train the defect signature library.

Benefit - Provide effective way to build a defect signature/root-cause library.

Automation Workbench – AWB™
Automation Workbench allows the engineer to automate the signature analysis methodology to run in either batch mode or continuous monitor mode. An easy-to-use graphical interface allows the user to develop custom analysis recipes that enhance signature recognition accuracy and purity

Benefit - Build complex analysis recipes or work flows using software agent with visual programming.

Intelligent Reporting System – IRS™
Intelligent Reporting System is a software package that allows the user to effectively view, analyze and report on the multi-dimensional defect signature variables that are generated by AWB recipes.

Benefit - Provide effective way to identify defect trends that occur in production data over time.