While the two standards share much of the same DNA from a technological perspective, that is where the similarities end. In fact for most operators, the decision on whether to choose WiMAX or LTE has already largely been made for them based on the type of spectrum owned, their respective business. In a country like India where LTE have to wait and WiMax havn't found its way which technology is the best. Given the fact that WiMax is better than 3G but not as compared to LTE. Given the choice of HSPA and HSPA+ is WiMax the right choice. Global deployment of LTE have started is it right time for us to deploy age old technology. IEEE 802.16m standard still the work is going on. Still WiMax uses IEEE 802.16e which was made in 2005 and updated in 2009 giving only 40mbps data rate less compared to LTE.