? ? capacitor multitouch screen base knowlege


Product characteristics
1. reaction speed, support multi-touch;
2. scratch resistance, light transmission than resistive products, high, more suitable for used in consumer products.
Schematic diagram of the work

Product structure
Projected capacitive products are mainly composed of a non-conductive Cover Lens, with one or two layers are made ??into conductive layer can detect X, Y coordinates of the sensing element

capacity_touch_screen-3 Product Specification
Panel structure
Type Film / Film Notes
Size 2 "~ 7 "
Conductive film thickness 175/188um
Conductive glass thick 1.0/0.7/0.55mm
Attribute specifications
Item Specification Remark
More than 85% transmittance
Operation / Input touch / 0g
Lens hardness in accordance with customer
Glass Lens> 3H
Plastic Lens 2H or 3H
Operating voltage DC2.5V ~ DC5V
Operating current 4.9mA ~ 10mA Depends on IC
10ms response time less ?