Manufacturing Technicians perform functions associated with all wafer production including operations, equipments, process and training.
Collect and evaluate operating data to conduct on-line equipment adjustment and ensure process optimization.
Responsible for running lots in a qualitative way; for preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, spares, and sustaining; and for improvement processes, troubleshooting nonstandard events in the production line, and reviewing technological health and stability.
The Manufacturing Technician may be responsible for the buddy, trainer, and certifier levels and is in charge of updating training manuals; and may participate in safety forums and Emergency Response Team as required.
Work is somewhat complex and is performed within the spectrum ranging from narrowly defined parameters and limited judgment up to highly complex and nonstandard assignments in nature and broadly defined parameters. High degree of judgment and initiative is required in resolving complex nonstandard problems and developing recommendations. Normally receives general instructions on routine work, and detailed instructions on new work.