-Creates, defines and develops system validation environment and test suites.
-Uses and applies emulation and platform-level tools and techniques to ensure performance to specification & customer usage model.
-Responsible for the innovation, development of methodologies, execution of validation plans, and debug of failures.
-Requires broad understanding of multiple system areas and requires interfaces with Architecture, Design, and Pre-silicon Validation teams in improving post-silicon test content and providing feedback for future on-die debug features.
1.Good understanding of Intel Architecture, especially on Atom based SoC IA North Cluster, South Cluster.
2.Good understanding of Industrial Specification for various Display technology: HDMI, DP, eDP, and or specific implementation like Mipi interfces.
3.Good understanding of Industrial IO interfaces like PCIe, USB, SATA, SD/SDIO/eMMC, LPE/SSP, CAN, Zigbee, Serial Port, etc.
4.Good understanding of Linux OS architecture at the kernel, driver in relation to code implementation for Intel SoC IA.
5.Good understanding of Linux application implementation at the app, lib layer for Media (Video+audio), audio.
6.Good familiarity of porting code implementation among various Linux flavor Fedora, uBuntu, Yocto, Tizen, etc.
7.Good familiarity with Shell Scripts, Python Scripting to automate codes execution at the application layer.
8.Good team work mentality to work in a team and win as a team while being a strong individual contributor that strengthen the overall team.
9.A mindset that is nimble, willing to adapt & pick up new skill set at all aspects of a System consisting of HW & SW.
10.Good mentality to always correlate validation content value to a usage model thru tangible indicator obtain thru Profiling of a system & establish coverage on SoC health in achieving the desired usage model.
11. Has a proven track record of delivering quality System validation, Compatibility Validation, System/Platform Integration Validation, and or any other relevant validations.
12. Has a proven track record of delivering quality innovation as indicated based on impactful solutions, Invention Disclosure(Patent) filed, technical papers(DTTC, Validation Summit).