-Design, develop, and apply engineering, mathematical models, simulation and optimization models to drive solutions to complex manufacturing and supply chain problems.
-Identify and solves highly complex problems in factory performance, loading, equipment performance, decision science and, supply and distribution network problems.
-Require a through understanding of the factory (Fab and A/T) environment and supply chain knowledge to develop complex engineering models and apply them to identify and drive solutions.
-Build, develop, validate and apply mathematically based decision algorithms, heuristics, optimization and simulation models and tools. Work closely with the business units to identify root causes, define the strategic and tactical needs and drive the appropriate business and technical solutions.
-Develop solutions to problems utilizing formal technical training, business knowledge and judgment.


-Bachelor and Master degrees in Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, or Decision Science.

-Have experience in applying O.R. techniques such as discrete event simulation and mathematical optimization for quantitative decision making.
-Competent in gathering and filtering data from various sources using SQL and other database technologies.
-Must have good computer programming aptitude since the job really requires programming in simulation, data integration, and mathematical modeling.