- Take up significant technical leadership role (e.g., leading a joint KIT, a large PD Workgroup, or a team) and becomes a domain expert in one or more technical fields.
- Tackle problems with large scope, high complexity, cross group involvement, and big impact. For example, develop a robust methodology for SI/PD co-simulation, drive SI/PD sil2sim correlations, defining bus design UPM/BER goals as PRQ criteria, develop a new buffer modeling methodology, establish a BKM for pre-post Si correlation, platform level cost/power optimization and tradeoff analysis, etc. In addition, the engineer is expected to spend significant amount of effort enabling others succeed, either by contributing to team's methodology improvement, or by directly mentoring junior engineers and role modeling the behaviors.
- Possess in-depth knowledge and strong practical experience in transmission line and power delivery decoupling design, and medium knowledge in IO circuit design and package/platform design, as well as circuit architecture and post silicon validation. Can drive system level issues to closure through leading a taskforce with participants from various disciplines.
- Bachelor or MS or PhD degree in Electrical Engineering
- 5+years of work experience in signal integrity/power delivery design, simulation method, model generation, is required.
- 5+ years of experience of signal integrity/power delivery simulation tools, such as Hspice, HFSS, Sigrity, Agilent ADS, etc., is required.
- 5+ more years of experience in signal integrity/power delivery design or providing design guidance is preferred
Additional qualifications include:
- Experience of understanding the simulation methodologies and using advanced simulation tools for complex modeling and jitter analysis is preferred.
- Knowledge of high speed/ legacy interfaces such as DDR3/4, PCI-E Gen2/3, SATA2/3, USB2/3, Display, Gb Ethernet, SDIO, etc., is preferred.
- Experience of measurement techniques, such as using oscilloscope, TDR and VNA, is preferred.
- Strong organizational and communication skills is preferred.
- Disciplined and result oriented, ability to heavily multitask is preferred