Job description
- Design and develop high-speed boards for ARM based server class processors.
- Hands-on activities involve design of logic circuits, parts selection, schematics capture, support to layout work, fab & assembly of boards, bring-up & testing of boards and support to manufacturing.
- Execute signal integrity simulations and power integrity simulations of the high-speed interfaces.
- Write Verilog HDL code to implement logic circuits in CPLD.
- Collaborate with software team, operations team, characterisation team, applications team, chip design team, thermal engineering team and mechanical engineering team.
- Review customer designs and provide support to the chip customers.
- Interact with ODM companies to understand their requirements and achieve smooth transition from designs to production of boards.
- BS or equivalent degree in Electronics or Electrical Engineering with 9-12 years of prior hands-on work experience on high-speed board designs.
- Knowledge of Verilog HDL.
- Experience of board designs involving high-speed interfaces like DDR3/DDR4 memory, PCI-E, networking interfaces like SGMII, XAUI, XLAUI, XFI, CAUI etc., USB, SATA.
- Experience of board designs involving memory devices like NAND, NOR, eMMC, SPI, SD cards.
- Knowledge of PCB layout concepts, stack-up, DFx, EMI/EMC, safety stds.
- Working experience of using the EDA tools like Cadence ORCAD CIS, Allegro PCB, Allegro PCB SI, Sigrity SI.
- Experience of running the pre-layout and post-layout signal integrity simulations and power-integrity simulations and defining layout constraints.
- Experience of using the test equipment like oscilloscopes, logic analysers, protocol analysers and Ethernet testers.
- Experience of interacting with ODM companies and achieving smooth transition from designs to production of boards.