Job description
- Support the Test Development Engineer throughout the whole phase of the Test Development process
- Semiconductor Test Equipment use and setup (Wafer-Prober, Tester, Test-Handler, Thermostream)
- Perform Remote Support for Test Development Engineers which are located in the subsidiary locations by organize Test Equipment resources
- Prepare the test setup in the production area
- Perform remote support during test debug session
- Perform test program and product characterisation over temperature
- Processing and visualisation of Characterisation Data and results using statistical tools
- Manual sample testing for first products shipped to customer (Engineering Samples, Prototypes)
- Testing of ESD- and Latchup-Devices. Organise the flow.
- Drive and perform the Repeatability and Reproducibility Studies which are necessary to transfer a test solution from Development to Production
- Perform Test Sustaining Tasks during the time the product is not yet transferred to production
- Close cooperation with Test Development, Test Sustaining, Test Production
- Documentation of Test Hardware and Test Software
- Use of different Production Data Systems to enter and maintain product data
- Continuous contributions to process improvements
- Bachelors Degree in the areas of Electrical/Electronics, measurement engineering
- Experience with High level Programming Languages like C, Pascal, C++, VBA, etc.
- Basic knowledge and interest in Electronics engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer programming and measurement systems
- Good organisational skills
- Good in oral and written English communication
- Skills and interest in electronic measurement techniques especially in the Analogue and Mixed Signal domain
- Strong in team work and team communication