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What is Bluetooth technology?
A technology for wireless personal area networks, which provides a way to connect and exchange information between devices such as cell phones, laptops, PCs and digital cameras via a short range radio frequency.
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2011-06-10 WiFi, Bluetooth combo chip reduces power consumption
kitarm 1324 / 0 Talk Shop
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2013-04-03 Tips for a peaceful Bluetooth/Wi-Fi coexistence
Visitor 871 / 0 Talk Shop
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2011-07-30 The revolutionary opportunities of Bluetooth low energy
Visitor 1283 / 1 Talk Shop
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2010-07-29 SP3T switch fits WLAN, Bluetooth apps
Visitor 1025 / 0 Talk Shop
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2012-07-09 New Bluetooth module from Sena Technologies
Visitor 920 / 1 Talk Shop
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2010-04-23 Latest Bluetooth developments and technology trends
alibmwhk 1229 / 0 Talk Shop
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2009-09-15 ISSI, Signia ink licensing agreement for Bluetooth products
1253000640094 1808 / 1 Talk Shop
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2008-10-01 Designers give Bluetooth more brawn
martinharnevie 2185 / 1 Talk Shop
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2007-12-03 CSR Bluetooth host software includes HCI source code
freehur 3637 / 4 Talk Shop
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2009-02-03 Bluetooth: Embracing the medical challenge
1233668781711 2496 / 2 Talk Shop
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2013-09-02 Bluetooth, WLAN lead wireless industrial automation market
Visitor 818 / 0 Talk Shop
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2013-01-21 Bluetooth to Ethernet enabler boasts of up to 7 connections
1259160475177 845 / 1 Talk Shop
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2008-07-11 Bluetooth tester gets EDR hooks
tomy668 1826 / 1 Talk Shop
[?Article Comments?]
2009-04-07 Bluetooth headset is microphone-free
W1PHD 1872 / 1 Talk Shop
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2008-03-24 Bluetooth chip has EDR tech, Class 1 transceiver
alpina 1895 / 1 Talk Shop
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