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What is a memory interface?
An external memory interface is a bus protocol for communication from an IC, such as a microprocessor, to an external memory device located on a circuit board. Internal memory interfaces apply to communication with on-chip memory. The asynchronous External Memory Interface (EMIF) is a Texas Instruments IC bus used in their DSPs and digital media SoCs.
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2011-12-08 Intel, Taiwan begin memory research
( intel ? itri ? memory ? research ? taiwan ? )
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2009-09-19 Winbond intros quad-SPI serial flash memory
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2013-01-30 Why GigaDevice gambles on NOR flash memory
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2011-06-06 Programming 1-Wire EPROM and EEPROM Memory Devices Using a PC
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2011-12-06 Production begins for 128GB/s hybrid memory cube
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2009-02-02 Processor blade packs Intel Xeon, memory controller hub
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2008-07-11 Numonyx, Elpida forge memory foundry deal
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2010-05-06 Micron unveils 2Gb NAND flash memory products
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2008-01-19 Memory takes on multicore approach
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2010-02-01 Memory compilers, logic libraries support TSMC 40nm process
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2010-04-05 MCP memory has 2GB NAND, SD card controller
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