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What is a stepper motor?
A motor that rotates in small, fixed increments and is used to control the movement of the access arm on a disk drive.
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2009-12-28 Brush dc motor drive using the LS7260/7261/7262 brushless dc motor commutator IC
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2010-05-20 VF control of 3-phase induction motor using space vector modulation
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2010-07-21 Sensorless BLDC motor control using MC9S08AC16
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2010-04-23 Moon stepper motor adopts unipolar induction
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2010-02-19 Mini driver IC cuts space in stepper motor designs
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2010-07-09 Microstep drivers optimize motor torque, noise
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2009-02-27 Industrial stepper motor driver
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2009-03-14 Increase options for stepper motor control
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2010-01-04 FPGA-based motor control development platform rolls
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2013-11-22 E-cars all the rage at Tokyo Motor show
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2010-02-19 DMEGC mobile phone vibration motor rotates at 11rpm
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2012-03-21 Boost automotive electric motor control with DSCs
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