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What is embedded software design?
An embedded system is a special-purpose computer system that performs one or more dedicated functions. This part of the system is usually embedded into a complete device with the purpose of controlling the device in one or more ways. The "control" often comes from software instructionsembedded software design generally involves planning and writing that instruction set.
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( feng ? shui ? software ? )
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2008-02-13 Yahoo spurns Microsoft bid, software giant presses on
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2009-03-09 Touch sensing software for MCUs cuts BOM cost
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2010-02-07 TMS320C/F240 evaluation board initialization software
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2008-06-02 Study: India embedded software climbs up the value chain
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2010-09-03 ST7 software SPI master communication
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2008-05-08 SPC software tool from Vietnam
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2009-07-17 Software tool provides design support for FPGAs
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2014-09-02 Software Technical Marketing Engineer, Seoul, Intel
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2008-10-07 Software PWM generation for LED dimming and RGB color applications
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2016-06-12 Software PID control of an inverted pendulum using the PIC16F684
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2014-07-10 Software Development Engineer - Staff II, Seoul, Broadcom
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2008-01-28 New MATLAB software generates C code
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