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Engineering Investigations creates blog space for engineers to describe how they cracked a baffling technical problem and talk about ingenious solutions they developed to solve it. It celebrates your achievements and inspires others to follow suit.
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Posted: 04:29:57 PM, 06/02/2014
These days, life is a wonderful thing for the open hardware hacker and hobbyist. Ten years ago, electronic industry professionals could have only dreamed of development kits such as the Arduino, BeagleBone, and Raspberry Pi. However, today we must face the problem we faced in the pastbuildi......



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Posted: 05:53:20 PM, 20/02/2014
A comment that is even vaguely critical of industry in China always seems to be welcomed by an avalanche of responses in its defence. Often, they fight fire with fire, and so I write this blog with some trepidation. Let me say at the outset that all my experiences are based on the statistically ......



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