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Engineering Investigations creates blog space for engineers to describe how they cracked a baffling technical problem and talk about ingenious solutions they developed to solve it. It celebrates your achievements and inspires others to follow suit.
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Posted: 06:51:31 PM, 04/03/2014
There is a general rule that you can never have too many LEDs in your project. In this project, we're interested in only a single LEDthe LED is the project. ? The home made OLED shining bright. Ian Hanschen decided that he wanted to create an OLED from scratch. After research......



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Posted: 05:24:35 PM, 07/03/2014
There are indeed happy accidents. In this case, the accident happened to be dropping a surface mount resistor into a hole on a PCB. It fit perfectly, which gave Kevin Bateske the inspiration to incorporate this concept into a project. The lucky recipient of this design method was the Arduboy, an ......



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Posted: 04:15:31 PM, 26/03/2014
In this blog, I thought we should consider things in the context of microprocessors. In almost every piece of electronic equipment we use today, there will be some kind of microprocessor (MPU) or microcontroller (MCU) controlling the operation. Following Moore's Law, microprocessors have dou......



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Posted: 01:53:50 PM, 27/03/2014
A young colleague was trying to make a measurement using an analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) and convert this measurement into a voltage to be displayed. He was playing around with the floating-point functions of the compiler. I observed that there was no real need to use floating-point data or......



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