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Engineering Investigations creates blog space for engineers to describe how they cracked a baffling technical problem and talk about ingenious solutions they developed to solve it. It celebrates your achievements and inspires others to follow suit.
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Posted: 07:09:53 PM, 22/12/2014
I recently read Richard J. Aldrich's GCHQ: The uncensored story of Britain's most sensitive intelligence agency. The Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ), Britain's equivalent of the NSA, is a direct descendant of Bletchley Park, where the British decoded German messages encode......



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Posted: 08:57:50 PM, 18/12/2014
In the recent months, I've been working with Max Maxfield on the analog meter problems and design challenges pertaining to his Inamorata Prognostication Engine, Ultra-Macho Prognostication Engine, and Vetinari Clock projects. ? As you may have read in his columns, Max and I have been in......



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Posted: 06:58:39 PM, 03/12/2014
Estimating likely power consumption of a piece of silicon before building it is necessarily an approximate endeavor -- not quite divining the future by poking through chicken bones, but certainly laden with assumptions and approximations. Unfortunately, early estimates are critical to the economic......



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