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Find out what EE Times Asia's community thinks about the latest products that made it to market by design or by accident. No holds barred--we rave and we rant. Want to join us? Email bydesignoraccident [at] gmail dot com with your eeForum ID.
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Posted: 08:07:42 PM, 30/09/2014
People are now interested in tracking their health as proven by the success of the Nike FuelBand and Fitbit. In fact, a recent survey suggests that 75% of Americans believe that wearables will positively impact their health. While activity trackers may be good for your waist, they can kill the per......



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Posted: 03:52:07 PM, 29/09/2014
In 2012, three young software engineers in Switzerland developed their own secure mobile messaging app called Threema, with the clear goal to give users a tool to prevent their personal data to be stored, mined and possibly abused by big corporations and government agencies. ? With the moun......



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