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Find out what EE Times Asia's community thinks about the latest products that made it to market by design or by accident. No holds barred--we rave and we rant. Want to join us? Email bydesignoraccident [at] gmail dot com with your eeForum ID.
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Posted: 06:56:59 PM, 24/11/2014
A Canadian company has put a new spin on the biometric identification technology by using peoples heartbeats to allow them to wirelessly access their devices -- including their smartphone, computer, car, or even their home. ? Bionym, founded in 2011 as a spinoff of the University of ......



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Posted: 09:22:36 PM, 23/11/2014
Do you remember my blog from a couple of months ago, Check this out: Really annoying music suppressors, about my desire to find some effective way of preserving my sanity whilst driving in the car with my wife, Gina the Gorgeous, who is partial to Christian rock and who likes her music on the loud......



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