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Find out what EE Times Asia's community thinks about the latest products that made it to market by design or by accident. No holds barred--we rave and we rant. Want to join us? Email bydesignoraccident [at] gmail dot com with your eeForum ID.
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Posted: 07:16:57 PM, 10/12/2014
I recently had an experience with two awesomely beautiful designs. To my disappointment, I also encountered some bugs, which caused me to wish that formal verification tools had been used as part of the development process. ? The Apple of my eye Last month, I persuaded my family to abandon ......



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Posted: 06:11:49 PM, 04/12/2014
Apple and Google put forth their best efforts with the iPhone 6 Plus and Nexus 6. These oversized handsets are chock full of features that consumers and mobile professionals alike will enjoy. After spending a month using each phone, I found clear differences in both hardware and software that are ......



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