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eeLife is about the engineering life, project challenges, engineering humour, community connections, career aspirations,... all that makes engineers tick.
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Posted: 05:30:12 PM, 27/02/2014
In our neighbourhood when I was about 10, all the kids shared a red Radio Flyer wagon. Nobody knew who owned it; it was community property. But then one day, after several years of hard use, a wheel fell off. We all gathered around to look at the wagon like a rider looking at his crippled horse.......



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Posted: 02:05:42 PM, 27/02/2014
If you are an 80s kid in the United States, you undoubtedly remember a toy called "Teddy Ruxpin." Your feelings of this bear likely range from fondness, such as happy memories of it "reading" you a story; dread, possibly fear; or curiosity about how it worked. Maybe you even fe......



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Posted: 06:20:39 PM, 20/02/2014
Sometimes a designer himself could decide on the particular component needed without too much opposition from the Component Engineering groupoften because there was no such group. But, any corporation that includes a department of component police makes a designer's job that much more d......



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Posted: 06:08:46 PM, 20/02/2014
If you ask engineers about their favourite childhood toys,? you're likely to hear a list of nostalgic staples that sparked innovation in all of us who went on to solidify our calling with the title "engineer." We loved these toys because they allowed us to think of an idea and......



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