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eeLife is about the engineering life, project challenges, engineering humour, community connections, career aspirations,... all that makes engineers tick.
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Posted: 02:52:04 PM, 28/03/2014
In his article Preserving Data Books From Yesteryear, Aubrey Kagan related how he painstakingly scanned data books and made the information searchable. That's great, as long as he has the hardware and software to read the files. If someone finds his designs 200 years on and wonders how they wo......



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Posted: 09:06:27 AM, 26/03/2014
I am personally quite keen on SparkFun. I think it's a great company that really shines in the open-source arena. It does a lot of educational work and puts out really great products. When I saw this news item pop up on the SparkFun blog, I read it, but then needed to take a little while to di......



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Posted: 07:03:59 PM, 20/03/2014
There are instances where networking can hurt you if you strive to "lose friends and alienate people." That may be an excellent movie title but not words to live by. In this blog, I focus on the good, and how you can use networking to advance your career. My full-time job: Obtained and......



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Posted: 05:32:40 PM, 07/03/2014
Over the years, the field of reverse engineering (RE) and the laws that regulate it have evolved, and it has become a valuable, respectable, and ethical practice helping technology companies remain competitive. This wasn't always the case. In the early years of the semiconductor industry, &q......



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