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eeLife is about the engineering life, project challenges, engineering humour, community connections, career aspirations,... all that makes engineers tick.
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Posted: 06:57:11 PM, 10/12/2014
I recently wrote a review for a new electronic CAD package named Upverter for a Canadian magazine. This product is a paradigm shift away from classical CAD packages in that it is entirely web-based. There are no upfront costs or annual maintenance charges -- just a simple monthly fee. Several othe......



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Posted: 07:19:38 PM, 02/12/2014
In companies I have been to, engineers are typically given both a desk and a workbench. The desk is where plan design and non-technical overhead is performed. It is the realm of, and symbolizes, theoretical activity. The bench is where prototypes are built and made to work -- the symbol of experim......



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