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eeLife is about the engineering life, project challenges, engineering humour, community connections, career aspirations,... all that makes engineers tick.
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Posted: 01:34:57 PM, 27/03/2015
It has been said that humanity can be divided into two basic personality types --? the Apollonian, whose existential statement is I think, therefore I am and the Dionysian, who says I feel, therefore I am. This, of course, is simplistic C there are many other......



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Posted: 06:46:37 PM, 20/03/2015
Swaziland is an absolute monarchy in a rather dry area of Southern Africa. As part of a United Nations project to irrigate sugar cane fields, a dam was built on a river that flowed from Swaziland to Mozambique. Because the water flowed across an international border, there was a bilateral agreemen......



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