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eeLife is about the engineering life, project challenges, engineering humour, community connections, career aspirations,... all that makes engineers tick.
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Posted: 05:15:26 PM, 28/04/2015
In business school, they use case studies to see what works and what doesn't. In law school, they study old court arguments. But it's not often that an engineering school uses failure as a teaching tool. ? I had this point brought home to me when speaking with Dave Nadler, a consult......



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Posted: 10:04:33 PM, 23/04/2015
I graduated college in 1979 (yeah, I know.... makes me about 35, right?). Back then our college Comp Sci department had less processing power than a modern toaster. There was talk, probably apocryphal, of a PDP-11 somewhere in the building, but we in the Physics department cut our teeth on a PDP-8......



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