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Jack Ganssle is a lecturer and consultant specializing in embedded systems' development issues. He has been a columnist with Embedded Systems Design for over 20 years.
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Posted: 02:09:30 PM, 27/03/2014
Several days ago, I was researching some old computers, machines that required substations' worth of power. Now I'm thinking about systems that run for years off a single coin cell. How much things have changed! Ultra-low power embedded systems can run off a CR2032 for ten years, if they......



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Posted: 08:18:26 PM, 24/03/2014
There is a new, free website that offers an online schematic entry tool. Check it out here. There's not much new about that, except that designs on this new site are made freely available to the public. "Sharing" is the meme today, often to excess, and offers that to t......



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Posted: 05:14:52 PM, 14/03/2014
A Wikipedia entry offers this enlightening tidbit in an article on hackers: "Today, mainstream (mediums) usage of "hacker" might mostly refer to computer criminals, erroneously noted continuously by the experts during the history, due to the mass media usage of the word since the 19......



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