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Jack Ganssle is a lecturer and consultant specializing in embedded systems' development issues. He has been a columnist with Embedded Systems Design for over 20 years.
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Posted: 12:19:08 PM, 26/09/2014
After discharging about 100 CR2032 coin cells using a number of power profiles I have collected millions of data points, and have shared the results here over the past months. These articles include: ? How much energy can be derived from a coin cell? UL coin cell requirements, and why yo......



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Posted: 05:25:47 PM, 11/09/2014
This not going to be a trillion-sensor world? anytime soon. ? Bernie Cole recently reported that GE, Cisco, and others predict that, by the end of the decade, about 1 trillion sensors will be deployed and connected to the Internet, with a market value of $15 trillion. This is part of t......



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