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Jack Ganssle is a lecturer and consultant specializing in embedded systems' development issues. He has been a columnist with Embedded Systems Design for over 20 years.
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Posted: 05:39:21 PM, 28/11/2014
In 1981, a friend and I put up a consulting company. The embedded age was quite young and our customers, even the technical types, were mostly bewildered by the fungible notion of hardware and firmware. We always presented them with a full documentation package, with source, schematics, etc. I sus......



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Posted: 06:26:46 PM, 24/11/2014
The Quality Assurance team is there to test the system and generate a list of bugs. Developers then fix those, and, after passing QAs tests, the product ships. Not. First, in manufacturing QA is not quality control. QA is about defining the processes used, raw material fitn......



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Posted: 08:45:14 PM, 14/11/2014
Recently I got interviewed regarding my thoughts on engineering education. Now, first, its important to note that the university experience is not an engineering education; its merely the start of that process. Too many of us practitioners figure we can stop learning after graduation......



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