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Jack Ganssle is a lecturer and consultant specializing in embedded systems' development issues. He has been a columnist with Embedded Systems Design for over 20 years.
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Posted: 08:45:44 PM, 29/01/2015
Saleae is a small instrument company based out of San Francisco, United States. It is comprised of bright young folks who make me wistfully think over the decades since my friends and I were the young bucks. It is inspiring to see a new generation inventing complex electronic products. A couple ......



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Posted: 06:18:19 PM, 22/01/2015
An editor from another publication reached out to me for a prediction for this industry in 2015. What crazy, unexpected thing will happen? ? I have no idea. We do know there will be more. For less. More transistors, more functionality, more complex software and more design headaches. Engin......



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