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Jack Ganssle is a lecturer and consultant specializing in embedded systems' development issues. He has been a columnist with Embedded Systems Design for over 20 years.
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Posted: 06:42:41 PM, 21/01/2016
I earlier wrote about Ambiqs new Cortex M4F MCU, which is made using transistors operating in the subthreshold region. Cortex licensees can add ARMs optional memory protection unit (MPU), and indeed Ambiq chose to do so. In that piece I glibly wondered why they bothered. ? Oo......



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Posted: 05:46:57 PM, 21/01/2016
An iWatch is something I woud never purchase. The silly thing must be removed and recharged more or less daily. My myopia makes using a bedside clock impossible, so I need a watch-on-wrist during the night to monitor my insomnia. A cheap Timex runs for years on a single primary cell. The iWatch ha......



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