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Posted: 10:13:18 PM, 17/01/2013
Those who attended the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the US a few weeks go, or followed it closely on the web or TV, would find the following question easy to answer. What do the following have in common? Personal computers. Mobile tablets and smartphones. Big ticket items such as web-......



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Posted: 07:34:29 PM, 15/01/2013
Less than a decade ago, parallel buses were king and they were the primary means of moving information between systems, within systems and boards, and between components on a printed circuit board in a design. Now, high speed serial interconnects are dominant in almost every embedded systems des......



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Posted: 10:17:20 PM, 03/01/2013
Linux has come a long way since Linus Torvalds developed and released it as an open source operating system (OS) 20 years ago. It is now used in almost every kind of computing environment: servers, routers, network switches, industrial control systems, automotive, and consumer electronics. And via......



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