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Posted: 05:51:45 PM, 20/12/2013
With the backing of the Linux Foundation, a group of mostly hardware and end system platform providers have founded the AllSeen Alliance. It is claiming Allseen is the broadest cross-industry consortium to date for the adoption of an "Internet of Everything" framework across homes and in......



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Posted: 07:02:21 PM, 17/12/2013
In a recent product introduction, Cypress Semiconductor mentions a new approach to mobile touch sensor technology, called metal mesh. It said the company is partnering with FujiFilms to bring this technology to a wider range of smartphones as an alternative to traditional indium tin oxide (ITO) an......



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Posted: 09:26:25 PM, 05/12/2013
Along with its new 32 PIC processor rollout, Microchip has released its MPLAB Harmony, an all-in-one free development framework that should bring coherence to the software development and support process. It integrates the licensing, resale and support of both Microchip and third-party middlewar......



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