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Posted: 06:30:05 PM, 23/04/2014
The traditional desktop PC of the 1980s and 1990s was built around a standard bus architecture - first IBM's PC ATbus and then Intel's Periperial Compoent Interconnect (PCI). As a result of this strong feature, even in the average consumer's hands, it was an "anything machine.&quo......



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Posted: 06:15:39 PM, 15/04/2014
ARM Ltd has recently made the move in its tool chain to the use of the open sourcebut misnamedLow Level Virtual Machine compiler (LLVM) and its C-language Clang front end. This came 10 years after Apple moved to its useand hired one of the programmers behind its creation. It......



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Posted: 06:59:55 PM, 03/04/2014
About a year ago, when people started discussing the impact the emerging Internet of Things would have on existing industrial control networks, one company I kept a close eye on was Echelon Corp. The company's introduction in January of its IzoT platform for the Industrial Internet of Things a......



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