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Message: ?????Multiprocessor approach for cost effective Real Time Systems
Posted:Jan 28, 2011 6:51 PM

Which could be more effective for an embedded?Real Time System to meet the asynchronous signal timelines ???

A fast processor with RTOS or a muti processor approach ?

For example, a system has 4 inputs, (a) a Gyro (b) x-y-z accelerometer (c) user keypad (d) GPS data...

which is a better approach...couple all the inputs to
(a) a fast processor?running an RTOS like VX works or micriumIII

(b) or else use 4 independent processors, say a 32 bit one running at 80 MHz that processes the input and transfers?the processed data over a serial protocol to a fast processor that takes the corrective action ???

Which one would you propose since the above Real Time System is a Safety Critical system..e.g. a Flight Controller.

Posted by Indranil

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