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Part Number Description Manufacturer
ADM101E Craft Port? Tiny RS-232 Transceiver to Portable Applications Analog Devices Inc.
ADM1020 8-Lead, Low-Cost, System Temperature Monitor Analog Devices Inc.
ADM1021A Remote Temperature Sensor with Serial Interface Analog Devices Inc.
ADM1021AARQZ System Temperature Monitor ON Semiconductor Corp
ADM1021ARQ System Temperature Monitor ON Semiconductor Corp
ADM1022 Remote Dual Channel Temperature Sensor, Fan Control and Power Good Detection with Serial Interface Analog Devices Inc.
ADM1023 ±1°C Remote Sensor for Next Generation PIII 700 MHz+ Platforms Analog Devices Inc.
ADM1023ARQZ ACPI-Compliant, High Accuracy Microprocessor System Temperature Monitor ON Semiconductor Corp
ADM1024 Reconfigurable Remote Temperature Sensor and Supply Voltage Monitor, Fan Control, Chassis Intrusion with Serial Interface Analog Devices Inc.
ADM1024ARUZ System Hardware Monitor with Remote Diode Thermal Sensing ON Semiconductor Corp
ADM1025A Low-Cost PC Hardware Monitor ASIC Analog Devices Inc.
ADM1025ARQZ PC Hardware Monitor ON Semiconductor Corp
ADM1026 Highly Integrated Thermal and System Monitor for Servers/High Reliability Systems Analog Devices Inc.
ADM1026JSTZ Complete Thermal System Management Controller ON Semiconductor Corp
ADM1027 Complete Systems Monitor and Multiple Fan Controller Analog Devices Inc.
ADM1027ARQZ dBCOOL? Remote Thermal Controller and Voltage Monitor ON Semiconductor Corp
ADM1028 Remote Thermal Diode and Linear Fan Control - 2nd Generation ADM1022 Analog Devices Inc.
ADM1029 Dual PWM Fan Controller and Temperature Monitor for High Reliability Platforms Analog Devices Inc.
ADM1030 Complete, ACPI Compliant ±1°C Remote Thermal Monitor with Integrated Fan Controller Analog Devices Inc.
ADM1030ARQZ Intelligent Temperature Monitor and PWM Fan Controller ON Semiconductor Corp
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