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Programmable Low Power Gyroscope
Analog Devices Inc.

The ADIS16251 is a complete angular rate, measurement system, available in a single compact package enabled by Analog Devices, Inc. iSensor? integration. By enhancing Analog Devices iMEMS? sensor...
EDN Innovation Award Winner! An Overview of the iSensor? family of products is available. Additional Information: To request additional information or to be put on the sample request list, please contact the MCP group. FREE signal chain workshops presented by Avnet and ADI Specifications Range +/- 20 to +/- 80 °/s Sensitivity 0.004 °/s/LSB TypicalBand Width (kHz) 0.05kHz Noise Density (°/s/rtHz) 0.05 Nonlinearity 0.1% of FS Temp Sensor Yes Voltage Reference Yes Voltage Supply (V) 4.75 to 5.25 Supply Current (max) 18mA Temp Range (°C) -40 to 85°C Package 11.1 mm x 11.1mm LGA Find Similar Products Functional Block Diagram Enlarge a.SFLink{display:block;background-color:#FFFFFF;border:solid 1px #7F9DB9;font-size:.75em;width:150px;padding:3px;} Symbols and Footprints Features Yaw rate gyroscope with digital range scaling ±20°/sec, ±40°/sec, and ±80°/sec settings 14-bit digital gyroscope sensor outputs 12-bit digital temperature sensor output Calibrated sensitivity and bias In-system, auto-zero for bias drift calibration Digitally controlled sample rateDigitally controlled frequency response Dual alarm settings with configurable operation Embedded integration for short-term angle estimates Digitally activated self-testDigitally activated low power mode Interrupt-driven wake-up SPI-compatible serial interface 49 Hz sensor bandwidth Auxiliary 12-bit ADC input and 12-bit DAC output Auxiliary digital input/output

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