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14-Bit 210 MSPS ADC With DDR LVDS/CMOS Outputs (Rev. A)
Texas Instruments

ADS5547 is a high performance 14-bit, 210-MSPS A/D converter. It offers state-of-the art functionality and performance using advanced techniques to minimize board space. With high analog bandwidth and low jitter input clock buffer, the ADC supports both high SNR and high SFDR at high input frequencies. It features programmable gain options that can be used to improve SFDR performance at lower full-scale analog input ranges.In a compact 48-pin QFN, the device offers fully differential LVDS DDR (Double Data Rate) interface while parallel CMOS outputs can also be selected. Flexible output clock position programmability is available to ease capture and trade-off setup for hold times. At lower sampling rates, the ADC can be operated at scaled down power with no loss in performance. The ADS5547 includes an internal reference, while eliminating the traditional reference pins and associated external decoupling. The device also supports an external reference mode. The device is specified over the industrial temperature range (-40C to 85C).
Maximum Sample Rate: 210 MSPS14-Bit ResolutionNo Missing CodesTotal Power Dissipation 1.23 WInternal Sample and Hold73.3-dBFS SNR at 70-MHz IF85-dBc SFDR at 70-MHz IF, 0-dB gain High Analog Bandwidth up to 800 MHzDouble Data Rate (DDR) LVDS and Parallel CMOS Output OptionsProgrammable Gain up to 6 dB for SNR/SFDR Trade-Off at High IFReduced Power Modes at Lower Sample RatesSupports Input Clock Amplitude Down to 400 mVPPClock Duty Cycle StabilizerNo External Reference Decoupling RequiredInternal and External Reference SupportProgrammable Output Clock Position to Ease Data Capture3.3-V Analog and Digital Supply 48-QFN Package (7 mm 7 mm)APPLICATIONSWireless Communications InfrastructureSoftware Defined RadioPower Amplifier Linearization802.16d/eTest and Measurement InstrumentationHigh Definition VideoMedical ImagingRadar Systems

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