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+/-1C TDM Extended Temp Range I.C.
ON Semiconductor Corp

The ADT7461A is a dual-channel digital thermometer and undertemperature/overtemperature alarm, intended for use in PCs and thermal management systems. It is pin- and register-compatible with the ADM1032 and the ADT7461. A feature of the ADT7461A is series resistance cancellation, where up to 1.5 k (typical) of resistance in series with the temperature monitoring diode can be automatically cancelled from the temperature result, allowing noise filtering.
On-chip and Remote Temperature Sensor 0.25C Resolution/1C Accuracy on Remote Channel 1C Resolution/1C Accuracy on Local Channel Automatically Cancels up to 1.5 k (typical) of Resistance in Series with Remote Diode to Allow Noise Filtering Extended, Switchable Temperature Measurement Range 0C to +127C (default) or 64C to +191C Pin- and Register-compatible with ADM1032 and ADT7461 2-wire SMBus Serial Interface with SMBus Alert Support Programmable Over/Under Temperature Limits Offset Registers for System Calibration Up to Two Over Temperature Fail-safe THERM Outputs 240 ?A Operating Current, 5 ?A Standby Current

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