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LTC2492 Evaluation Kit
Linear Technology Inc.

Demonstration circuit 1009A-A features the LTC2492 2/4 channel, 24-Bit ? ADC with EasyDrive inputs. Key DC specifications include 2ppm INL, 1ppm offset, 25ppm full-scale error and 10nV/C offset drift. In the 6.8Hz/600nVRMS mode, input normal mode rejection of 50Hz and 60Hz noise is better than 87dB. The LTC2492 also includes an internal temperature sensor that is accurate to 2 degrees C over the operating temperature range. Demonstration circuit 1009A-B features the LTC2488 16-Bit ADC that is pinout and software compatible with the LTC2492. Demonstration circuit 1009A-C features the LTC2486 16/PGA-Bit ADC that also includes a PGA with a gain range from 1 to 256 and the same temperature sensor as the LTC2492. DC1009 is a member of Linear Technologys QuickEval? family of demonstration boards. It is designed to allow easy evaluation of the LTC2492, LTC2488 or LTC2486. DC1009 may be connected directly to the target applications analog signals while using the DC590 USB Serial Controller board and supplied software to measure performance. After evaluating with LTCs software, the digital signals can be connected to the applications processor / controller for development of the serial interface.
LTC2492 Evaluation Kit To be used in conjunction with DC590 USB Serial Controller Board Disclaimer: Linear Technology cannot assume responsibility for use of any circuitry other than circuitry entirely embodied in a Linear Technology product. No circuit patent licenses are implied. Linear Technology reserves the right to change the circuitry and specifications without notice at any time.

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