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+5V Supply EIA/TIA-232 3 x 5 Driver Receiver
National Semiconductor

The DS14C535 is three driver, five receiver device which conforms to EIA/TIA-232-E and CCITT (ITU-T) V.28 standard specifications. This device employs an internal DC-DC converter to generate the necessary output levels from a +5V power supply. A SHUTDOWN (SD) mode reduces the supply current to 10 ?A maximum. In the SD mode, one receiver is active, allowing ring indicator (RI) to be monitored. PC Board space consumption is minimized by the availability of Shrink Small Outline Packaging (SSOP). The DS14C535 provides a one-chip solution for the common 9-pin serial RS-232 interface between data terminal and data circuit-terminating equipment. This device allows an easy migration path to the 3.3V DS14C335. The packages are the same. The N/C pins on the DS14C535 are not physically connected to the chip. Board layout for the DS14C335 will accommodate both devices. This device's low power requirement and small footprint makes it an ideal choice for Laptop and Notebook applications.

???Pin compatible with DS14C335
???Conforms to EIA/TIA-232-E and CCITT (ITU-T) V.28 specifications
???Failsafe receiver outputs high when inputs open
???Operates with single +5V power supply
???Low power requirement-ICC 12 mA maximum
???SHUTDOWN mode-ICX 10 ?A maximum
???One Receiver (R5) active during SHUTDOWN
???Operates up to 128 kbps-Lap-Link? Compatible
???4V/?s minimum Slew Rate guaranteed
???ESD rating of 3 kV on all pins (H, B, M)
???Available in 28-lead SSOP EIAJ Type II package
???Only four 0.1 ?F capacitors required for the DC-DC converter

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