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JFET-Input Operational Amplifiers Low Supply Current (LF155) High Speed (LF156)
Linear Technology Inc.

The H (Metal Can), J (Ceramic), and K (Metal Can) Packages From Linear Technology Are Now Obsolete Linear Technology's LF155/156 series features several improvements compared to similar types from other manufacturers: offset voltage drift with temperature and slew rate are guaranteed on all grades, not just on the more expensive "A" grades. Other specifications such as voltage gain and high temperature bias and offset currents are also improved. The industry standard LF155/156 devices exhibit phase reversal at the output when the negative common-mode limit at the input is exceeded (i.e., from - 12V to - 15V with 15V supplies). This can cause lock-up in servo systems. As shown below, Linear Technology's LF155/156 does not have this problem due to unique phase reversal protection circuitry. For applications requiring higher performance, see the LT1055 and LT1056 data sheets.
Click Here for Military Performance (JAN Class S) Datasheet - you will be directed to slash sheet at Defense Supply Center Columbus. Guaranteed Offset Voltage Drift on All Grades Guaranteed Slew Rate on All Grades Guaranteed Low Input Offset Current 10pA Max. Guaranteed Low Input Bias Current 50pA Max. Guaranteed High Slew Rate (156A/356A) 10V/?s Min. Fast Settling to 0.01% 1.5?

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